Mike Vecherkovsky



I’m completely experienced in project management, product management, pre-sale activity, customer infrastructure investigation, business processes analysis, designing distributed high-loaded solutions, team leading, agile software development as Scrum Master and Product owner, software unit/integration/acceptance testing, customer trainings and much more

Completed projects examples

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Lead the changes

Seaport terminal operating systems generation renewal and set of improvements

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Fit the standarts

Multifunctional integrated communications system for NAVY use

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Build the vertical

Federal housing services monitoring system designing and piloting

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Assemble the model

3D human anatomical atlas and associated multimedia library development

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Short CV version

Project Manager

Quantum Art

Working on Internet of Things projects for telecom operators. Presale, partnership with vendors, our own product development - all this stuff

January 2020 - till now

Delivery Manager


Implementing terminal operating systems (TOS) in seaports. Powering container terminals facilities by our product

December 2018 - January 2020

Project Manager


Supporting processes of research and development for military customers. Testing product and preparing all the documentation

February 2017 - December 2018

Cheif Engineer, Project Manager

BCC Group

Development, implementation and support of IT/Telco service management systems such as Fault Management, Provisioning, Service Desk, Order Management, Service Activation and their integration with Inventory and Billing

March 2006 - November 2016

Telecom Engineer

Russian Railways

After graduation for Master’s Degree in Engineering I worked at Octyabrskaya Railway’s NOC. My function was to monitor and support PDH/SDH/DWDM corporate transport network

June 2003 - September 2005


Petersburg State Transport Univercity

Faculty of electrical engineering

Bachelors and engineering degree in telecommunications. Specialization in optic fiber communication systems

September 1998 - June 2003


Arctic tundra solo hiking

August 2020

I'm coming back to Kolsky peninsula. Hiking 6 days rout in 4 days. First day - light showers. Second - stormy rains. Third - snow. And the last day - walking in the cloud thru the cold infinite desert of stones. Read everyday diary notes (in English) and take a look at the photos

Lykian trail hiking

September 2019

5 days solo hiking in woods, canyons, mountains and sea coasts of Turkey near Antalia. Moving by old famous Lykian way I had climbed on the highest point of that region - Tahtali mountain. See the longread (in English) and check out photos

Kings trail hiking

July 2019

6 days solo hiking thru the mountains beyond Polar circle in Sweden Laplandia. Passing the most spectakular part of Kings trail I had climbed on the highest point of Sweden - Kebnekaise mountain. See the pictures, read short report and watch fun video (in English)

Light Karelia moto ride

June 2018

2 days road trip around Ladoga lake. Rookie biker on an old classic motorcycle rolling by a highways from Saint-Petersburg to a wokderful Lakes land - Karelia republic. See some pictures and read report (in Russian)

Hard Kolsky peninsula hiking

August 2017

Group of unexperienced tourists lost in mistique Lovozero tundra mountains. "Inside the cloud everything was disappearing in deep milk, stones far then 30-40 meters ahead on that flat highlands was completely invisible." Read survivors report (in English) and see some pictures

Short survey of two capitals |

January 2016

I had just a couple of days and Shengen visa. And I made cheap express exploration of two heighbour Baltic countries covered by extra cold winter snow. Many images with captions (in Russian) inside

Road trip to Norwegian Fjords

July 2015

The whole family is ready to drove thru all scandinavian countries to the Atlantic ocean, discovering cold and rainy nothern roads, mountains and fjords of course. The most beautiful and brave adventure ever! (for us) (on that moment) Please see short videoclip, photos and read some text (in English)

The Great Cross-USA trip

May 2012

Two weeks my friend and I were travelling from East coast to West coast of USA by car. New York, Niagara Falls, Chicago, Salt Lake City, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Big Sur and finally San Francisco. See the pictures, read daily diary and even find out all details in a book (in Russian)


Beginners guide

Common information about bikers world I collected in a quick start guide for beginners. Check out the presentation


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