Family travel to Norway by car



Long lohg time ago we deside to go to that most beautiful (and most expensive) nothern country. Rouble exchange course felt down after Crimea reunion in 2014. But we had some money in Euros and additionally we filled ours car trunk with a lot of long shelf life food to save money while eating.


Saint-Perersburg - Turku - Stockholm - Oslo - Sandviken camping - Bergen (Montana hostel) - Amazing Geiranger Fjord - Stranda Friesenter (2 days) - Famouse Trollstigen - Spectacular Atlantic Road - Oppdal (IMI Stolen) - Rattvik (Kullan) - Stockholm - Turku - Saint-Perersburg

We drove from Saint-Petersburg to the west thru the Finland, then at night we came to Stockholm by ferry. And to the end of next day we were already in Norways capital - Oslo. And after that we moved to the fjords.

Here are the most memorable moments:

  • Snow in the end of July! Kids were happy
  • View from the top of Fløibanen funicular to Bergen
  • Geiranger fjord. Absolutely. Awesome
  • View from Stranda ski resort (1067m) to Storfjorden
  • Trollstigen. Many people on the upper viewpoint. Nice road in mountains. Many people on the upper viewpoint
  • Ascending and descending roads all the way. I had even damaged my rear brakes a little
  • Atlantic road. Yes, it is beautiful. But it was very rainy when we drove thru
  • Tunnels. Very long, very impressive
  • Briges
  • Waterfalls
  • Houses with grass in their roofs
  • Deers on the road in Sweden on the way back
  • Emergency in Sweden. My wife felt bad and I called 911. Firemans came immediatly and medics right after them. Good ending