3D human anatomy

Project card


3D human anatomical atlas and associated multimedia library development


September 2013 – February 2014


BCC Group, systems integration, software development, IT-services providing and business consulting company


Baltic Federal University, Medical Faculty. Kaliningrad


Zygote (USA), ITMO University (Russia)


Project Manager, Product Manager


Upon University request we developed powerful engine for 3D-models discovering. The most detailed model of human body by Zygote company was chosen. Model could be disassembled by organs or subsystems such as the circulatory, muscular, skeleton. Web-based catalog of articles, diagnostic results (MRI, CT, X-ray etc), educational videos was integrated to the system and linked to proper human organs and parts. Development team was partly outsourced by coders from ITMO University


That was the first project for me as a Project Manager. Our Anatomical atlas was accepted by customers Medical Faculty and presented on a number of medical education exhibitions. On a base of Anatomical atlas Product BCC Stereo Visor was created. That product with different 3D-models was deployed for other customers, e.g. for one of Ministry of Defense academies