6 days Solo hiking behind the Polar Circle



In the beginning of July I was in Abisko national park passing a part of tourist route "Kings trail". There I hiked up on the mountain Kebnekaise, the highest point of Sweden. At first day of my journey I burned my face at sun. So I had to change my schedule and usually at 2 a.m. I was already on a trail with backpack on my schoulders. Sun is never going down behind Polar Circle, but It is not heating at nights. And on mountain Kebnecaise I was climbed at night. Actually not climbed but hiked. The most hard parts on the way up was equiped with stairs! Real stairs of stones. That stairs was made with help of real Nepalian Sherpas. There is memorabele sign about it on the trail.

What impressed me the most? I was alone at night at the top of the mountain! And on my way down I met many-many people who woke up early and went up. And I was the first man who they met on their way up. And everybody was saing "Hey! You really was on the top? How is there?" And I had a little conversation with them all, and I had shared my impressions and it was really cute and awesome. I felt myself like a hero or a movie star))

Here is a movie about this hike for my friends. Sorry for my English %)